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Week 15 DFS Notes

Eagles @ Redskins

O/U 40 (Eagles by 4.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 47 degrees, 12 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Eagles squeezed out a win on MNF against the Giants, but not without some give. They lost Alshon Jeffery for the rest of the season with a foot injury, and Lane Johnson also got banged up, but is week to week, however the Jeffery loss is more important, seeing as the only receivers on the roster now are Whiteside and Ward plus the two tight ends, so Carson Wentz will be short handed on targets to throw too. Especially seeing going against this Redskins defense that ranks 11th against the pass, it could be a long day for Wentz. The best option and most likely option, is to use the backfield more which I see with Sanders, Scott, and Ajayi, and considering the fact that the Redskins Rush defense ranks 27th their volume is high, but if Wentz can’t get nothing going the Redskins may decide to stack the box and force him to pass. The Redskins seem to have found new life with Haskins at the Helm. The offense is playing ok the defense has stepped it up, and actually I got the Redskins winning this considering the fact they were able to hold Aaron Rodger to only 125 passing yards. I look for Haskins to come out and play like the first rounder he is at home against this Eagles 17th ranked passing defense that has looked sloppy this season, setting up McLaurin for a good day. They did lose Derrius Guice who went on IR, so AP will be the lead back with Chris Thompson coming in, in pass situations, which sets his volume high.

Bears @ Packers

O/U 40.5 (Packers by 4.5

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 12 degrees, 10 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well if the Bears would have been playing like they have the last four games they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in, but none the less I expect them to come out and win. Mitch has found his confidence, the running game is picking up and the defense is finally coming off the field giving themselves more rest. Against this Packers defense that ranks 21st against the pass and 25th against the run, I expect Mitch to shine in this game doing it with his legs and arms. This sets the stage for a prime Anthony Miller day with Wims out and Allen Robinson likely drawing the double team and not to mention Turbo (Taylor Gabrial) may be back. I also look for Cohen to be in the mix in the run game and pass to create some confusion. The Packers are coming off a win against the Redskins, but it was anything but easy and pretty, and going against this Bears defense that ranks 13th against the pass and 7th against the run, I expect Rodgers to have another tough day. Not to mention Rodgers has struggled against good defenses this year, I do look for Jamaal Williams to be the guy, I see the Packers using him in the pass game and the run game, and seeing has this a welcome home to Haha Clinton Dix I expect a lot of hard hitting and lay outs against this packers team where Rodgers will struggle again, at home.

Dolphins @ Giants

O/U 46.5 (Giants by 3.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 47 degrees, 16 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- The Dolphins are just playing to play and get a check, but they have a lot of fight in them, however they did lose Parker who suffered a concussion, and has not been cleared to return yet, so the Dolphins will truly be shorthanded, especially if Albert Wilson is also not able to play. I don’t see a lot coming from the Dolphins side of the ball seeing as they don’t have running backs, receivers, and a defense. However they are going against a Giants team that ranks 26th against the pass and 20th against the run, so Fitzmagic may be able to spark something, I look for him to target Allen Hurns heavy if Parker can’t play which would make his ceiling high, and seeing as the Giants secondary may be without Peppers again and struggling corners anything can happen on Sunday. Well don’t say it isn’t so but Eli is back at starting quarterback, but it’s only due to Daniel Jones being banged up at, and I must say Eli came out in bad weather and threw two touchdowns and had 19.1 fantasy points (fanduel), I look for him to continue this type of playing especially against this 23rd ranked passing defense. Not to mention it looks like he will get his top target Evan Engram back that would give Eli the weapons he needs to have a great day making Sterling Shepard a great play, especially since he came out and said “ he didn’t think he was going to catch another pass from Eli”. It also sets up Barkley for a great running day, against this Dolphins 30th ranked rush defense, and seeing what he was able to do against the Eagle good run defense I look for him to have a cake walk against the Dolphins.

Broncos @ Chiefs

O/U 46 (Chiefs by 9.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 22 degrees, 9 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- I don’t think no one expected the Broncos to come out and destroy the Texans the way they did, but they did. However I expect them to snap back to reality against the Chiefs. However I love Phillip Lindsey in this game, from the stand point he is heavily used in the pass and run game, and against this Chiefs defense that ranks 12th against the pass and 28th against the run, Lindsey could have his best game of the season. If he does get it going I expect Drew Lock to continue hitting his targets Sutton and Fant, although Fant may be out so his status is something to monitor through the week, but I expect Freeman and Lindsey to be the guys in contest and pick apart this awful run defense. The chiefs are coming off beating the Patriots and will look to build off that. Mahomes may have a tough time against this tough Broncos defense that ranks 6th against the pass and 21st against the run. I look for them to get Shady involved seeing as they are short at running back. However with the way the Broncos defense has been playing, it would be better if Mahomes lets it ride which I expect he will, hitting all his targets. I expect Hill to have a good day, with head coach Andy Reid lining him up all over the field to create open man and some confusion on the Broncos side.

Texans @ Titans

O/U 50 (Titans by 3)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 42 degrees, 3 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- This is my game of the day, both these teams are in a tie for the AFC South, and this could turn into a shootout. The big thing for the Texans is getting Fuller back, if they get him back, that will open up the pass game for Watson, seeing as when Fuller is out he struggles throwing the ball, but if Fuller plays I expect Watson to have a good game, and it also sets up the Texans run game with Hyde and Johnson. Against this Titans 25th ranked passing defense and 10th ranked rush defense Watson will have to get all his target like Stills, Coutee involved more creating a coverage problem for the Titans but seeing as Watson seems to always get locked in on one receiver all day, so if Fuller doesn’t play I expect the Titans to double Hopkins leaving Stills, Coutee, and Fuller (if he plays) available, the problem is not knowing who Watson will throw too. The Titans just have to keep playing the way they have it is not pretty, but it’s old school football, run the ball, throw on some play actions and throw over the top in shotgun formation. Not to mention the Texans secondary is banged up and they already rank 27th against the pass which makes me like Corey Davis more, he hasn’t been the top target of lately, but with AJ Brown becoming a force to reckon with, he could draw the coverage, leaving Davis open at time and exploding for his best game of the season, and not to mention at his price with the volume he is a nice tournament play for me. Derrick Henry will also have a good day if he can make the most of his 20+ carries a game, and against this 18th ranked run defense I think Henry will do it, not to mention this is a contract year for him.

Patriots @ Bengals

O/U 40.5 (Patriots by 9)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 31 degrees, 6 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well how the Patriots have fallen losing to the Chiefs last week was just awful, especially seeing as they got cheated from a touchdown not being called. However I look for them to bounce back against the Bengals who’s defense ranks 19th against the pass and 32nd against the run. I look for the Patriots to try and establish the run game with Sony who seems to be having a sophomore slump, and James White who has been playing good these last few weeks, and seeing as the Bengals rank 25th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs I expect Sony to get back on track, if he does that sets up Brady to try and find rhythm with his receivers like Sanu, Dorsett, Harry, and Meyers. I like Dorsett in this game I believe the Bengals will lock up Julian and force Brady to throw to other options leaving the door open for Dorsett and the other guys, but seeing as Dorsett does have some trust from Brady, it makes him the top other option. The Bengals are coming off a hard fought game in which Joe Mixon was able to rush for 146 yards and get a touchdown, however I don’t see him doing that again against this Patriots 4th ranked rushing defense, but he may be used more heavily in the passing game. I don’t like Andy this week, especially if he throws a few turn overs the Bengals may look to swap out quarterbacks and bring Finley in, however with the Bengals getting John Ross back this creates another weapon for the quarterback, however the Bengals did also lose Tate for the rest of the season so they are still down a target. The only good thing for the Bengal is the game is at home which hopefully they can get the crowd behind them.

Buccaneers @ Lions

O/U 47.5 (Buccaneers by 3)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, Dome

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well Jameis didn’t disappoint, He threw 3 INTs as expected, but he some how put up 38 fantasy points (fanduel), and he did it without Mike Evans, although he hit him for a 60 yard td pass before he went out. However Jameis is going against one of the worst pass defense out there (rank 30th), but have been getting better. They do however rank 23rd with allowing the most fantasy points to receivers, and with being short a 12 target guy those targets have to go somewhere, and luckily for the Buccs they have former first round pick Breshad Perriman, has been actually preforming good. There is a lot of websites out there talking about fading Perriman, but I will tell you play him, I’m not saying going crazy or play him in every lineup but don’t fade him. He has so much upside, and so much volume, in fanduel they jacked the price to $6,400, which will drive most to fade him, but with his volume, he sets up nice and with Godwin maybe pulling in the double coverage this leaves Perriman open. The thing with Jameis is he has to put up with his turn overs, but with him throwing 40+ times makes him a play. The Lions have a great matchup this week against the Buccaneers 31st ranked passing defense, they did however lose Marvin Jones for the rest of the season, and that’s sets up Kenny Golladay especially with Jones and Hockenson a non-factor. I look for him to completely shred this Buccs defense, and seeing as him and Blough already have built chemistry, he has a touchdown in the 2 games since Blough started I expect this to continue. Not to mention if Bo can get it going on the ground it may be tough against this number 1 ranked rush defense, but if he can manage, that will really set up Golladay.

Seahawks @ Panthers

O/U 48 (Seahawks by 6

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 47 degrees, 5 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Seahawks came out and let the Rams beat them, however they are still in the wild card, but the road will get harder seeing as they lost Rashaad Penny for the rest of the season so now that leaves Chris Carson at the helm, and against this awful Panthers rush defense that ranks 29th I expect him and dangerous Russ to have a field day, and seeing as the Panthers do have a decent pass defense that ranks 15th, I see Russ using his legs more in this one. I also think this is the game we finally get to see the Seahawks use Josh Gordon more in this game, he seems to finally be healthy and I think they will try to get him involved more, seeing as DK and Lockett, will likely draw the heavy coverage, but he would be a deep sleeper, for me Carson is the play especially seeing as the panthers rank dead last with allowing the most fantasy to the running backs I expect Carson to have a field day! The Panthers have to just try and finish the season strong, good news for them Clowney is out, also Ansah more than likely will not play and the Seahawks secondary is trash, so they very much well could make this a game. I expect Christian McCaffery to be used heavy again, the only thing is his price, but he is worth the price of admission, I also expect DJ Moore to get another heavy dosage of targets, especially if Greg Olsen does not play, and going against this Seahawks defense that ranks 29th against the pass, and like I said their secondary is trash so it may be a big DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel day, which I think Samuel would be a sleeper.

Jaguars @ Titans

O/U 41 (Titans by 3)

4:05pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 4:05pm, 54 degrees, 5 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well Nick Foles made his return last week, He didn’t look bad it was just happen to go up against a better defense, and he looks to be going against another good defense this week. However the Titans rank 22nd against the pass, so Fole will try to exploit them if he can with Chark who had 100+ receiving yards last week, they may try to heavy cover him if they do I look for Foles to try and hit Westbrook or Conley with Westbrook being the better option. I also look for Fournette to come out and try to shred this 14th ranked run defense, especially seeing as Head coach Doug Marone came out and said we need to get Fournette more touches, so that’s a good sign that Fournette will look to get 15+ carries, if the O-line hold up he should have a great day a make a sleeper play. The Titans are coming off their bye, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Delaine Walker and Corey Davis, are both back practicing, making it a good sign they will play Sunday. If they do that does wonders for this offense, going against the 8th ranked pass defense and 29th ranked run defense, having them 2 target back helps every one. I look for Derrick Henry to have a great day, and make the most of his 15+ attempts, also with the Jaguars ranked 24th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs, Henry should be in majority of lineups. If Henry can get it going on the ground, Tannehill should be able to open the door on this pass defense, It makes me like AJ Brown a sleeper play, seeing as he built that chemistry and timing with Tannehill, since Davis and Walker been absent. Especially if the game is closer or the Titans find themselves down Tannehill could be looking for the more trustworthy target.