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Week 11 DFS Notes

Bills @ Dolphins

O/U 40.5 (Bills by 6.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 66 degrees, 11 mph wind

Scotts DFS thoughts- The Bills are looking to clinch a wild card berth in the next few games and it starts with getting what should be an easy win against the Dolphins. Especially seeing as they rank 19th against the pass and 30th against the run, and seeing as the run game is strong for the Bills with Singletary and Gore, and not to mention Josh Allen has the wheels to run as well this should make a good for a good run day for the Bills, making Singletary a prime target for the 1pm only. However seeing as the dolphins are hot and look to put up a fight, Josh Allen may turn to the air to  put up some points. Like I said the Dolphins are hot, however it may be hard to get it going through the air seeing as the Bills rank 3rd against the pass, the best option for the Dolphins would be to run the ball against this Bills 21st ranked run defense and let Fitz magic work his magic on short gains.

Falcons @ Panthers

O/U 49 (Panthers by 4.5

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 47 degrees, 11 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Falcons came out and beat the Saints, which shocked the world, but it did come with some give, they lost Freeman who will be out for some weeks, and Hooper who will be out a month. So now Matt Ryan is even more short handed with weapons, and against a 12th ranked passing defense that was able to contain Aaron Rodgers I look for Ryan to have a tough day through the air. However the Panthers run defense which ranks 29th, is not that good, so Brian Hill should see a lot of attempts, and with his fanduel price being what it is, makes him a value play. The Panthers will look to stream roll the Falcons seeing as they are all banged, and being ranked 25th against the pass and 20th against the run this has Christian McCaffery written all over it making him once again a must play. 

Broncos @ Vikings

O/U 40 (Vikings by 10)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, Dome

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Broncos are coming off their bye after getting a decent win against the Browns not that’s saying much, but a win is a win. However against this Vikings team that is hot and ranks 18th against the pass and 7th against the run, they probably won’t get much going, but I expect a good fight. It seems 1st round pick Noah Fant has regained confidence and they still have the two headed monsters as their backs. I look for them to try and throw the Vikings off with the run or at least try and then let Allen, try and deliver some air mail to Sutton and Fant, However the Broncos players are all sleeper plays so buyer beware. The Vikings look to stream roll the Broncos and head into their bye week. They shouldn’t have trouble against this 4th ranked pass defense and 17th ranked rush defense, but the Viking will be without Thielen again meaning guys like Tredwell and the tightends will have to step up I look for Irv Smith to be the guy this week, along with Dalvin Cook, and seeing as Cook was able to shred the Cowboys defense on the ground and in receiving I expect him to do the same against the Broncos.

Jaguars @ Colts 

O/U 43.5 (Colts by 2.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 35 degrees, 3 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Minshew Era in Jacksonville seems to have ended, with Nick Foles returning as the starter, I look for him to try to pick up where Minshew left off, with getting DJ Chark the ball and seeing as Dede Westbrook could be out Chris Conley will look to serve as number 2, he may have a tough time against this 10th ranked pass defense, so they may turn to Fournette to get the ground game going, however that may be hard against this 15th ranked rush defense, but if he can get it going on the ground that will open the pass game up setting it up for Chark and or Conley. The Colts also get their starting quarterback back, with Jacoby Brissett. However this does not mean a lot seeing as they still will be without TY Hilton and Cambell now. I look for Mack to get a heavy dosage of attempts against this 22nd ranked rush defense and he should have a good day seeing as Brissett is back so now the Jaguars can’t just stack the box, and if Mack gets it going that sets it up for Brissett to shred the 13th ranked defense, I look for him to hit Ebron, since that chemistry is picking up and since they are shorthanded at receiver.

Jets @ Redskins

O/U 38.5 (Redskins by 2.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 38 degrees, 13 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well I don’t know what the Jets ate last week, but whatever it was it worked they were able to contain Barkley last week, but that’s where it stopped. However against this Redskins defense that ranks 14th against the pass and 28th against the run, and with Bell questionable Sam Darnold may have to do it all. But he may not have much of chance with the weak offensive line he has he may be finding himself on his back a lot making any Jets players a fade for me. The Redskins have committed themselves to Dewayne Haskins, and now it’s up to him to prove himself, and that shouldn’t be hard against this pass defense that ranks 26th, and are banged up. I look for Haskins to connect with scary Terry and get him at least 100 yards receiving. The Redskins also get Darruis Guice back, and with him and Peterson at the helm, against this rush defense that ranks 2nd against the run, and coming off stopping Barkley, it may be a tough time.

Cowboys @ Lions

O/U 46.5 (Cowboys by 6.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, Dome

Scott’s DFS thoughts- The Cowboys are coming off a bad loss to the Vikings in which they had a chance to win, however this is a great game for them to get back on track with the Lions pretty ranking last I each defensive category , 28th against the pass and 27th against the run, I look for Dak and Elliott to make a statement, making both of them a nice stack play with their defense. And seeing as the Lions rank 31st with allowing the most fantasy points against the running backs this makes Zeke an even more prime play. The Lions will be without Matthew Stafford again, and this could be trouble against this Cowboys defense that ranks 7th against the pass and 14th against the run, and with them not having much of a running game it leaves them to try and get it done through the air which may be even more trouble.

Texans @ Ravens 

O/U 51 (Ravens by 4.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 39 degrees, 14 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- This could be the game of the day with these two young quarterbacks looking to be the face of the NFL in the next few years. The Texans are coming their bye week, they will be shorthanded at wide receiver with Fuller still dealing with a hamstring injury, but they still have one of the best deep threats in the game Kenny Stills I look for him to have a good day especially if Hopkins is doubled up, and not to mention this Ravens pass defense ranks 20th. The run game for the Texans may suffer though I don’t expect much from Hyde against this 8th ranked run defense, However I look for Watson to show his leg skills and produce on the ground like Lamar will. The Ravens don’t seem like they can be stopped, with Action Jackson showing he can do it all with his legs and arms, I look for him to keep this up especially against the Texans defense that ranks 29th against the pass, but have added pieces to the secondary to help that, and not to mention they rank 3rd against the run, but are without JJ Watt, so Lamar will have to do it again with his arms and legs and I expect him and Hollywood Brown to have a great day.

Saints @ Buccaneers

O/U 50 (Saints by 5.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 62 degrees, 9 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- The Saints are coming off a terrible loss to the Falcons, and look to bounce back on track, and I expect them to make a statement that last week was a fluke. I look for Kamara to have a great game since dating back to he has arrived in the league he has been the Buccaneer killer scoring 15+ fantasy points in each game against the Buccaneers, I look for that to continue Sunday, and against this Buccaneers defense that ranks 32nd against the pass and 1st against the run, I look for Kamara to eat it up on the ground and in the air. A Saints stack of Brees, Thomas, and Kamara. Makes for a great 1pm only stack, and seeing as the Buccs do know how to score points it could turn from a ground and pound day to a air mail day. Well Famous Jameis the turnover king showed up last week and I look for that to continue against this 11th against the pass and 5th against the run. However it looks like Lattimore will miss this game, which would make Evans or Godwin, a play, more so Godwin since he is due for a big game. However if Jameis is forced to throw Neither receiver will be a play for me. 

Cardinals @ 49ers

O/U 44.5 (49ers by 9)

4pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 4:05pm, 72 degrees, 4 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well these two teams are facing each other again in two weeks, and the last game they played the Cardinals were able to get Kenyan Drake going on the ground against the 49ers racking up 115 yards, while I don’t’ think that will be the same case especially seeing as David Johnson is back, but Drake seems to be the 1st option. With the 49ers defense ranking 1st against the pass and 18th against the run, I look for  Kyler Murray and Drake to do what they did against the 49ers the same thing they did 2 weeks ago which is attack the ground and let Kyler do his thing through the air, and seeing as the 49ers are down some pieces on the defense they will look to be more aggressive than they were in the 1st game. The 49ers are coming off their first loss of the season to the Seahawks in which they loss by a field goal. They are also missing pieces like crazy on the offense with Kittle, Sanders, and Breida more than likely not playing. However that should farewell against an awful defense, that ranks 31st against the pass, and 24th against run, with Tevin Coleman likely getting a lot of looks in the run game and passing game making him a nice play, and a sleeper playing in the main tournament, and with the 49ers being shorthand at wide out I look for the likes of Samuel and Bourne to be Jimmy Gs top target.

Patriots @ Eagles

O/U 44.5 (Patriots by 4)

4pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 4:25pm, 41 degrees, 14 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Patriots are coming off their bye and pretty much the loss to the Ravens, and are looking to bounce back against this banged up Eagles team, that ranks 16th against the pass and 4th against the run, I look for Tom Brady to have his best day of the season. I look for him to take advantage of this banged up Eagles Secondary and let Julian and Sanu do their thing. Not to mention the Patriots get their first round pick N’Keal Harry back, and he should be used heavily. Also to mention if the Patriots can get the pass game going that will open the run game up, I look for James White to be used more than Michal more in this game just from the stand point he is used more as a passing catching back setting him up for a good day as well. The Eagles are all banged up on offense. They already lost DeSean Jackson for the season Alshon Jeffery, will not play, this leaves Aghlor, Hollins, and Whiteside at the wide out position. However going against this Patriots defense that ranks 2nd against the pass, and 11th against the run, Carson Wentz may have a tough day, not to mention Jordan Howard is also questionable and may not play, I imagine Eartz and Goedert play a big role in the offense, but the only good thing the Eagles have going for them is that they at home.

Bengals @ Raiders

O/U 48.5 (Raiders by 11.5)

4pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 4:25pm, 70 degrees, 4 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well not much to say about this game, but I do think the Bengals will come out and get their first win, and the way they will do it is Joe Mixon. The Raiders defense ranks 30th against the pass and 10th against the run. I believe the Bengals will try to get the ground game going with Mixon and open it up for Ryan Finley. Against the pass the Raiders rank dam near last and are all banged up at secondary I look for Boyd to finally have his best game of the season, but it starts with Mixon getting the ground game going, if he does not then, it will just be another loss for the Bengals. The Raiders are staring down a playoff berth and it starts with Josh Jacobs, running the ball, this is what sets it up for Derek Carr, who is playing good football, and against the 22nd ranked pass defense and 32nd ranked run defense I look for Jacobs to have another good game by shredding this Bengals defense, I don’t expect Carr to throw much especially if Jacobs is going is going crazy on the ground. When Carr does throw I expect him to get Waller the Baller back in the offense and him getting back to the top of the fantasy scoring for tight ends.