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Week 12 DFS Notes

Buccaneers @ Falcons

O/U 51.5 (Falcons by 4.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 48 degrees, 11 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well after I give the turn over king Jameis Winston credit, he totally fails, throwing 4 interceptions, against the Saints. However he has a better matchup against the Falcons who rank 25th with allowing the most fantasy points to quarterbacks, not to mention they rank 26th against the pass, but have been getting better defensively, with shutting down Drew Brees two weeks ago and picking off Kyle Allen 4 times last week. I expect Jameis to throw 2 picks. However I also see him throwing 40+ times again, and seeing as the Buccs don’t have a run game, I like Jameis, but I like his receivers more, Godwin got his first score in Weeks and both him and Mike Evans get at least 10 targets a game, not to mention the Falcon rank 27th with allowing the most fantasy points to receivers. So expect a good day from the Buccs if Famous Jameis takes it easy on the turn overs. The Falcons are coming off a 2 game win streak against the Saints and Panthers, and they show they are not giving up although there is realistically no playoff chances. However the Falcons have one of the best matchups this week. Especially when you consider the fact the Buccaneers rank 31st against the pass, they rank2nd against the run, but they have allowed 75+ rushing yards in 3 of the 4 last game, they rank 31st with allowing the most fantasy points to quarterbacks, and rank dead last (32nd) with allowing the most fantasy points to receivers. So Matt Ryan and Julio Jones should connect for a few, and not to mention Calvin Ridley who broke out for 143 yards and a touchdown. This game would be a nice stack for the 1pm if it pans out as people expect, but we saw the Ravens and Texans game last week.

Broncos @ Bills

O/U 38 (Bills by 4)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 40 degrees, 8 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the only good thing about the Broncos is they have fight. This is a team that was whooping the hell out of the Vikings, until they woke up and came back to win the game. The Broncos have actually good ok, with Brandon Allen at the helm he has actually been moving the ball around, the problem with the Broncos is the run game, Phillip Lindsey and Royce Freeman, have both suffered this year which does not open your pass game up good news for the Broncos, is they are going against the 18th ranked run defense that allows an average of 106.3 yards a game, so Lindsey should have a nice game with Freeman getting in for that redzone work. The bad news for the Bills is they are going against the 3rd rank pass defense, not to mention a pass defense that ranks 3rd with allowing the least fantasy points to quartebacks, so the best option for the Broncos would be to run the ball and catch the Bills defense lacking, with that in mind Lindsey and freeman should have an ok fantasy day. The Bills just need to keep playing Bills football, it’s not fancy, it’s hard nose football, and against this young team, they can rattle them early. However the Broncos do rank 5th against the pass and 11th against the run, and was able to hold arguably the best back in the league (Dalvin Cook) to 26 rushing yards. So Singletary and Gore may suffer. This sets it up for Josh Allen to get the job done, I don’t think he will get the 33 points like he had last week, but if he plays his game he should come close, but I feel there are cheaper, and more value options at QB, I do however like Cole Beasley this week.

Giants @ Bears

O/U 40.5 (Bears by 4.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 36 degrees, 9 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Giants are coming off a bye and the Bears are coming off another loss which all but eliminated them from the playoffs seeing as how good the NFC is this years. The Giants should come into this game with a lot of confidence, rested, and ready to rock. It does not look like the Giants will sit Saquon Barkley, so that’s a plus, although the Bears defense ranks 8th against the run, they did allow Todd Gurley to break them off for 97 yards and a TD. Barkley could have a good game depending on how aggressive the Bears defense comes out, and that’s dependent upon how well their offense comes out. If the Giants can keep this defense on the field, Barkley will see them holes open up. It also depends on how well Daniel Jones comes out and play. The Bears pass defense ranks 10th, but have showed some holes, however Daniel Jones may still be without Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram again, but if he is not he may have a good fantasy day throwing to Slayton and Tate, not to mention Barkley. The Bears just need to pack it up, they have to be the most disappointing team this year, and it starts with the quarterback, but he has looked trash because the offensive line is the worst in the league, however they are going against the 25th ranked pass defense and 23rd ranked rush defense. Since Mitch is dealing with an injury (Hip pointer), he is a game time decision, However I figure to see a lot of Montgomery, I look for him to get 20+ carries and have a nice fantasy day, especially if Mitch is not able to go. Not to mention Montgomery will more than likely be low owned seeing as there are other value options for a better price, either way Montgomery is a play along with Cohen who will be just as much of a sleeper.

Steelers @ Bengals 

O/U 39 (Steelers by 6.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 39 degrees, 6 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well after a week from turning Thursday night Football into WWE, the Steelers will look to bounce back, however they will be real short handed on the offensive side of the ball. Juju does not look like he will be playing, James Conner has not practiced as of Wednesday, indicating he will not be playing, and Johnson will likely still be in concussion protocol seeing as he was bleeding from his ear as he walked off the field. So I look for a lot of Samuels, McDonald, and Washington to be the guys, and seeing as the Bengals rank 24th against the pass and 32nd against the run, Rudolph shouldn’t have a hard time. However Samuels is a must play for me, not just because of the run defense rank, but also because the Bengals rank 30th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs. The Bengals just need to win a game, they will be going against the 9th ranked pass defense and 15th ranked run defense, and they will be shorthanded, seeing as AJ Green may not play (not surprised), but they may also be without Tate. I look for Mixon to try and get it going again if he does that will open it up for Finley, but seeing as Mixon or Bernard for that matter have not done much, I expect Finley to have to air it out more than he would like. I look for Eifert, and Erckson to be his guys.

Dolphins @ Browns

O/U 44.5 (Browns by 10.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 39 degrees, 11 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- The Dolphins have to be the most hard fought team in the NFL right now they just don’t quit, even being shorthanded on offense and defense. They will be going against the 6th ranked pass defense and 26th ranked run defense, however they will be shorthanded on the d-line with Myles Garrett getting suspended for the rest of the season and also missing some linebackers. I look for the Dolphins to try to get the run game going with Ballage, however he is averaging 1.9 YPC, so he may not be the best option if that fails, I look for them to try and deliver some air mail, making Parker and Hurns good options, but that’s if the game is close. The Browns offense seems to be clicking with Landry having a touchdown in the last two games, Chubb breaking off big runs, Hunt being used as a pass catcher, and OBJ not losing his mind. Going against a Dolphins defense who is just all banged up In the secondary, with them placing 2 DBs on IR on Wednesday, they are now even more weak and being ranked 20th against the pass I look for Mayfield to try and light up the scoreboard. He dolphins also rank 31st against the run making Nick Chubb a must play even with Hunt back, not to Mention the Dolphins rank26th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs. That makes a Browns Stack nice. Chubb and OBJ are must plays for me, mixing them in the right lineup with lower owned guys should pay dividends.

Panthers @ Saints

O/U 47 (Saints by 9.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, Dome

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well the Panthers are cooling down after a hot start with Kyle Allen, and it couldn’t have come at a worst time seeing as we are now late in the season. However they still have Cmac, and he is used pretty much in every formation, but against this Saints defense that ranks 13th against the pass and 3rd against the run, it may be hard for Cmac or any of the Panthers to get going. If they some how can pull it off it will be at the hands of Cmac, which if he gets going it opens it up for Kyle Allen who is coming off a 4 INT game against the Falcons,so he may not farwell against a better defense if he does I look for DJ Moore to be his target with Samuel and Olsen getting looks at short gains. The Saints are bouncing back after that loss to the Falcons 2 weeks ago, and were able to shred the Buccaneers last week, I look for them to keep it going against this defense that ranks 14th against the pass and 27th against the run. I look for Thomas to continue his 100+ yard reception streak, but I look for Kamara to be the guy it looks like the Saints are starting to use him again in the run and pass which does well for his fantasy bottom line, making him a must play, not to mention the Panthers rank 28th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs. Also if the panthers can keep the game close Brees may be a nice play at QB, but that if its close.

Raiders @ Jets

O/U 46.5 (Raiders by 3)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 47 degrees, 11 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well this could be the game of the day if both teams show up. The Raiders are hot and are starring down a playoff berth, and it starts with the offense being able to points on the board Derek Carr is playing good football along with rookie running back Josh Jacobs, however they are going against a defense that ranks 21st against the pass and 1st against the run, are getting back healthy, and are looking to play spoiler, which could be a bad thing for the Raiders. I look for the Raiders to try and get Jacobs going on the ground, and if that fails they try to get him going through the air. However like stated the Jets are getting back to 100% on defense so that may be tough and they may have to turn to Carr to get points on the board making Waller the Baller a good option along with Tyrell Williams, However against these ball hawks in the secondary for the Jets quick gains may be the key. The Jets have won 2 straight even with Bell dealing with all kinds of health issues, I look for Sam Darnold to keep being hot through the air against this banged up Raiders defense that ranks 27th against the pass and rank 26th and 24th with allowing the most fantasy points to quarterbacks and wide receivers, so Sam should have a field day, and if this game is close I look for him to have a prime fantasy day, and if this game is close both guys should farewell. However to me it is still unknown who Sam top target is, at the moment Crowder seems to be the guy.

Lions @ Redskins

O/U 42.5 (Lions by 3.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 44 degrees, 13 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well Matt Stafford will more than likely be out, leaving Driskell to start again. Good news is he looks to be making connection with the wideouts Jones and Golladay. However going against the 16th ranked pass defense and 28th run defense, I look for the Lions to try and get Bo going  against this bad run defense, if that gets going than Driskell should hit Golladay and Jones or one or the other giving them a 100 yard day, especially if the Redskins can’t put up points on the board Driskell may have a better day than anyone intended, however the Redskins defense may come out and be fierce seeing as they are at home. The Redskins have to find a way to get Haskins going as of now he is looking like a first round bust, but most of that could be due to the o line who is almost worst than the Bears. However he did connect with Guice last week for a TD which could bring confidence in the young man. Going against this Lions weak defense that ranks 30th against the pass and 24th against the run, I look for the Redskins to use a lot of the run game especially seeing as the Lions rank dead last (32nd) with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs, I look for Guice and Peterson (if he plays due to injury) to have a great game. This allows Haskins to have a ok day through the air getting McLaurin going.

Seahawks @ Eagles

O/U 48 (Eagles by 1.5)

1pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 1pm, 44 degrees, 12 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- The Seahawks are coming off the bye and look to continue staying hot, with Dangerous Russ in the MVP talks I look for him to come out and shred this 17th ranked pass defense that struggles against quarterbacks that can scramble. However he may be without Tyler Lockett, but he did start the week off practicing so that’s a good sign he will play, and with Gordon and DK on the outside the Eagles may be biting off more than they can chew with coverage. Especially if Carson gets it going against the 4th ranked run defense Russell Wilson will continue his MVP tour, making a Seahawks stack nice for the 1pm slate. The Eagles need to win out to at least have a chance to make the playoffs. They have another tough test, against this 28th ranked pass defense and 12th ranked run defense. However the Eagles are short at wide receiver, Alshon is still questionable and is in the direction of not playing Sunday, this would make Agholor the top target again who dropped the tying touchdown last week, with Hollins and Whiteside the secondary options. If the Seahawks slow down Ertz, I look for Goedert to be the guy seeing as him and Wentz have Chemistry and he seems to be trust worthy. Not to mention the Seahawks rank 25th with allowing the most fantasy points to Tight ends, this would make Ertz or Goedert a play for me, especially, if Alshon is out, they would try and locks Ertz up leaving Goedert. The Eagles may also be without Jordan Howard again, if he is I look for Sanders and Ajayi to be the backs, with the Eagles trying to get it going to help out Wentz. This should be a shootout making the Eagle receivers sleepers like Hollins and Goedert nice plays in big tournaments.

Jaguars @ Titans

O/U 41 (Titans by 3)

4:05pm only or main (fanduel)

Sunday 4:05pm, 54 degrees, 5 mph wind

Scott’s DFS thoughts- Well Nick Foles made his return last week, He didn’t look bad it was just happen to go up against a better defense, and he looks to be going against another good defense this week. However the Titans rank 22nd against the pass, so Fole will try to exploit them if he can with Chark who had 100+ receiving yards last week, they may try to heavy cover him if they do I look for Foles to try and hit Westbrook or Conley with Westbrook being the better option. I also look for Fournette to come out and try to shred this 14th ranked run defense, especially seeing as Head coach Doug Marone came out and said we need to get Fournette more touches, so that’s a good sign that Fournette will look to get 15+ carries, if the O-line hold up he should have a great day a make a sleeper play. The Titans are coming off their bye, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Delaine Walker and Corey Davis, are both back practicing, making it a good sign they will play Sunday. If they do that does wonders for this offense, going against the 8th ranked pass defense and 29th ranked run defense, having them 2 target back helps every one. I look for Derrick Henry to have a great day, and make the most of his 15+ attempts, also with the Jaguars ranked 24th with allowing the most fantasy points to running backs, Henry should be in majority of lineups. If Henry can get it going on the ground, Tannehill should be able to open the door on this pass defense, It makes me like AJ Brown a sleeper play, seeing as he built that chemistry and timing with Tannehill, since Davis and Walker been absent. Especially if the game is closer or the Titans find themselves down Tannehill could be looking for the more trustworthy target.